What is Mikana?

Mikana (n) [mee-caa-nah]:-

a variety of beautiful and unique decorative metals created by the blending of precious metals and coloured alloys using novel 21st century technology. The result is a range of exquisitely patterned materials which can be used to create unrivaled products for jewellery, interiors and product design.

Using our own novel state-of-the-art process, we can bond a number of metals while simultaneously creating a range of stunning patterns, all in a single stage process. Our innovation allows the efficient production of large amounts of material, in sizes that have never before been possible. Mikana has high structural strength allowing it to be easily formed into complex shapes or machined to form parts.

Mikana can bond and pattern a wide variety of precious, semi-precious and decorative metals. Our process control guarantees consistency and quality while small variations in the pattern make every piece unique, and more valuable. From rings to furniture, dashboards to building fascia, the potential for Mikana to add a unique touch of luxury and beauty is limitless.

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